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ECO-A3+ Compostable Resealable Courier Bags - Set of 25


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Redefining Delivery with Compostable Postage Bags in Australia: Ecopack AU

This courier pack is a generous A3 size, giving it greater capacity, and making it ideal to send a range of products. Forget your old-fashioned traditional plastic courier bags, which will be sent to landfill to sit for hundreds of years - Ecopack compostable resealable courier bags are reusable and 100% biodegradable. Contains GMO-free corn starch and printed with non-toxic inks.

Our generous A3-sized mailing bags offer greater capacity, perfect for various products, ensuring eco-friendly deliveries from Australia.

These bags have a silky feel and a rich green colour that enhance the luxury of your product while being eco-friendly.

They also come with two adhesive strips so customers can reuse them (Use strip furthest away from the mailer opening first)

Ecopack AU is and Australian-based company, offering mail bags that embody eco-consciousness and quality.


  • Eco-friendly solution to reduce plastic waste
  • Biodegradable bags made from GMO-free corn starch
  • Luxurious silky feel with a rich green color
  • Reusable with two adhesive strips for multiple shipments
  • Enhances product presentation while being environmentally responsible
  • Supporting Australian-based businesses and deliveries
  • Prompt deliveries from our Australian warehouse

Size: 400mm(w) x 440mm(h) + 70mm(flap)
Quantity per pack: 25

We also have available A4 Mailing Bags and DLE Mailing Bags

Mailing Material_Compostable

These courier bags have been designed to replace traditional plastic postal satchels. They contain corn starch, PLA and PBAT, and are printed with non-toxic inks. 100% biodegradable and certified for home and commercial composting.

Our compostable courier bags feature a second line of seal making them reusable and extending their life before they hit the compost heap.

If you are a commercial business or council, requiring larger volumes, please contact our team to discuss. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom branding is 10,000 bags.

Recommended shelf life of 12 months.

Certification standards achieved:
Australian Bioplastic Association AS4736-2006 (industrial/commercial)
Australian Bioplastic Association AS5810-2010 (home)

Please note that the A3+ size is larger than standard A3 dimensions for greater capacity. 
Size: 420mm(w) x 450mm(h) + 60mm(flap)
Quantity per pack: 25

Can compostable courier bags be composted at home?

Yes, Ecopack compostable resealable courier bags are both home and commercially compostable. Please remember to remove labels and seal as these added components may not be biodegradable.

Certification standards achieved:
Australian Bioplastic Association AS4736-2006 (industrial/commercial)
Australian Bioplastic Association AS5810-2010 (home)

How long will they take to decompose in the compost pile?

Compostable bags take approximately 90-180 days to decompose depending on the composting environment. Industrial composting is typically quicker than home composting for two main reasons:

1) temperatures reached inside a home composting bin is usually only a few centigrade degrees higher than the outside temperature, and this is true for short time periods (in industrial composting, the temperatures reach 50°C – with peaks of 60-70°C – for a number of months).
2) home composting bins are managed by everyday people and the composting conditions might not always be ideal (in contrast, industrial composting plants are managed by qualified personnel and kept under ideal working conditions).