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Our Pillars

  • Protect

    We are eco warriors and protectors of the earth – we rally others to do the same. We make solutions so that we can all be the change.
  • Grow

    We’re taking our homegrown eco approach to the world. By example, constant growth and improvement, we’re on a mission to make today better than yesterday.
  • Inform

    Ecopack takes responsibility to inform and educate our community about the positive difference you can make using our products. Leading the way for a cleaner environment.

Who are we?

A family-owned business made up of people who believe in innovation and sustainability

Ecopack products were originally designed in New Zealand. In recent years we've jumped the Tasman and expanded into Australia. The company is still family-owned with most of the family residing in New South Wales and operational fulfillment out of Victoria.

Our overarching ambition is to provide easy alternatives to single-use plastic bags and packaging. Our team is united in the mission to provide sensible plastic alternatives. We want to lead consumers to practical solutions, and educate them on different packaging materials, so we can all join the movement towards a better tomorrow.

Over time what's considered best for the environment has changed. And consumer preferences change. So we are agile product innovators; frequently releasing revised products to keep ahead of the sustainability curve.

  • Credible

    We walk the talk and have global certifications to prove it. You buy our products safe in the knowledge that our supply chains adhere to stringent social, environmental and ethical standards
  • Authentic

    We want you to find it easy to switch to eco-friendly alternatives. So we do our best to lead the eco way by educating, informing and inspiring.
  • Innovative

    You’ll notice that our product range is constantly changing, growing and evolving. We’re continually innovating to provide you better eco solutions.
  • Quality

    We endlessly research and test all our products so you can be assured that your purchases are of the highest quality. We deliver what we’ve promised.
  • Service

    We’re here for you and we’re happy to help. We strive to provide excellent service and fast delivery to every customer.

Quality assurance

Our products meet stringent Australasian and global certifications. Compostable products aren’t just commercially compostable; instead they’re home compostable and certified by relevant standards. Likewise, our recycled products aren’t just pre-consumer waste (essentially factory offcuts); instead they’re made from post-consumer trash and promote a circular economy. Fabric products meet the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and are manufactured ethically in Sedex certified factories. We invest in Fairtrade products to promote good working conditions, fair wages and sustainability. And we use paper that is sourced from suppliers that support responsible forest management

Giving Back

Every year we put a portion of our earnings back into fighting for the environment. For the past four years we have gotten behind native tree planting through the Trees That Count initiative.