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Ecopack 60L Compostable Bin Liners (1 Roll/5 Bags)

SKU ED-2060

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Introducing the Ecopack 60L Compostable Bin Liners – the eco-friendly solution for your waste management needs. Each roll comes with 5 bags, providing convenience and sustainability in one package.

Crafted from corn starch, these liners are fully compostable, reducing environmental impact while keeping your surroundings clean. Certified for both home and commercial composting, they offer peace of mind and versatility.

With an added thickness for enhanced strength and tie handles for easy disposal, Ecopack Bin Liners make waste management effortless and environmentally conscious.

  • Size: 640mm w x 950mm h
  • Quantity per roll: 5
Bin Liners Material_Compostable

These compostable bin liners contain GMO-free corn starch, PLA, and PBAT, making them suitable for both commercial and home composting. Additionally, these liners specifically designed to contain food scraps, garden trimmings and waste paper, intended for disposal in a composting environmen - thus diverting waste away from landfills.

A perfect fit for your large stand alone kitchen and commercial bins.

Certification standards achieved:

✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Seedling Compostable Standard AS4736-2006 (ABAP 10113)

✓ Australasian Bioplastics Association Home Compostable Standard AS5810-2010 (ABAP 20047)

✓ Din Certco European and North American Composting Standard DIN EN 13432:2000-12 & ASTM D 6400:2012-01 (7P0487)

✓ TUV Austria OK Compost Home & Industrial Standards (S0335)

✓ BPI Industrial Composting Standard ASTM D6400 (9001058-2)

Composting releases organic components, such as carbon dioxide and water, leaving no harmful residues behind. Depending on the compost environment, our innovative compostable bin liners break down within approximately 90 - 180 days. However, it's important to note that they won't break down sufficiently if sent to landfill. 

  • Bags per roll: 5
  • Capacity: 60 litres
  • Size: 640mm w x 950mm h
  • Rolls in a carton: 30
  • Total bags in carton: 150

Crafted with sustainability in mind, these compostable bin liners offer numerous benefits for conscientious consumers. When you choose these liners, you actively reduce plastic waste and contribute to a healthier environment. What's more, their compostable nature ensures that you can dispose of your organic waste responsibly, knowing that it will break down harmlessly into natural components. Additionally, their sturdy construction and tie handles make handling and transporting waste a breeze.

Moreover, by purchasing the Ecopack 60L Large Compostable Bin Liners, you not only contribute to reducing plastic waste but also support the environment by diverting organic matter from landfills through proper composting.



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