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Clean your home and protect the sea - Ecopack Australia

Clean your home and protect the sea

Eight million tons of plastic pollution pours into our oceans every year. And it's now known that 80% of marine plastic comes from land. So, we've collected a heap of that ocean-bound plastic waste and turned it into useful product.

Made from trash

These rubbish bags are made from ocean-bound plastic that has been recovered from coastlines and waterways. Every roll of our 60% ocean plastic bin liners saves the equivalent of 4x 1L plastic bottles from washing out to sea.

The ocean needs our help

Plastic waste is choking our oceans, killing marine life and threatening eco-systems. It’s estimated that, without drastic action, the amount of plastic trash flowing into the seas will triple by 2040.

Together we can ebb the flow of plastic pollution and help save our oceans and marine life. Each and every one of us can make a difference in the fight against ocean plastic by picking up litter, taking part in beach cleans, and being selective in what we buy.

Sourced to improve livelihoods

Our current range uses ocean-bound plastic collected from Surabaya. Surabaya is Indonesia’s second largest city and has a serious plastic pollution problem. By using plastic recovered from here we’re contributing to improved livelihoods and helping empower coastal communities.

Discarded plastic is collected by ‘pemulung’ (plastic collectors). Waste shops then buy the material from pemulung to aggregate and bale and on-sell to larger ‘pengepul’ (scrap aggregators). Volume is consolidated at a Greencore factory in East Java and manufactured into secondary raw material ready to be shipped to our factories where the bags are made.

Useful product from post-consumer waste

Discarded plastic waste within 50km of the shore is collected, baled up, and processed into usable recycled plastic. The supply chain is independently audited by SEArcular.

There's a range of Ecopack ocean plastic bin liners to cater to all bin sizes in home and commercial applications. Everything from small 18L bags right up to big 240L wheelie bin liners. And there are two ranges – the more premium consumer range and a low cost, bulk packed commercial range.

Let’s turn the tide on marine plastic!

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